You know the scenario.  You’re playing an online game of some sort, usually a first person shooter, and someone either keeps killing you repeatedly, or they do something that causes you to die, and you get frustrated.  The trash talking starts, expletives are thrown and it almost always results in, “Yeah, I bet you wouldn’t be so brave if I saw you in person!”

Can anyone say, “famous last words”?

Apparently two shining examples of maturity in the Queensbury, NY decided things are better solved with a real life fight than just who has the higher score in the game.  According to PostStar, 24-year-old Eric S. Lachapelle of Hudson Falls drove to the Homestead Village, Queensbury home of 18-year-old Corey J. Chalich, to resolve the disagreement the two ‘men’ had been having online.  Care to guess how this ended, or do their mugshots below kind of give that away?

Eric S. LaChapelle and Corey J. Chalich

It seems that upon his arrival, Mr. LaChapelle assaulted Mr. Chalich. Getting away from his attacker, Chalich grabbed a knife of some type which caused LaChapelle to flee from the scene, and he was arrested a few blocks away.  Both men were taken into custody, LaChapelle was charged with third-degree assault and Chalich was charged with second-degree menacing.  As both charges were misdemeanors, both men were released, and Mr. Chalich went on to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

How in the world does playing an online video game result in a real life altercation?  I’m sorry, I’ve heard some despicable trash talking when I’ve been online, but nothing that has ever prompted me to want to carry it over into the real world.  No matter what their ages, both of these men are considered to legally be adults in the United States, and this is how they choose to act?  Unbelievable.

What say you?  Have you ever had the urge to go after someone in real life over something said in an online game?