DirectX 12

Radeon and GeForce GPUs in the same PC?

When it comes to DirectX 12 we have been cautiously optimistic.Early tests have been promising and we are curious to see what else Microsoft has to say about its API. However, it appears thatDirectX 12 will allegedly have Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU Capabilities according to an unnamed source who spoke toTom's Hardware.

According to the source, the API will be able to combine different graphics resources and pool all those resources together. Rather than having multiple GPUs rendering an Alternate Frame (AFR) each, there is a new method called Split Frame Rendering (SFR) that is being introduced. With this feature, developers will be able to automatically, or manually, divide texture and geometry data between GPUs that will be able to work together on each frame and be designated a separate portion of the screen for each GPU. Unlike AFR, that requires both cards to have all of the data in their frame buffers and leaving the user to have a 4GB frame buffer even though there are two cards with 4GB of memory each.

This will, says the source, significantly reduce latency.

Yet SFR isn't new, as AMD's Mantle API supports it and applications out there that do as well (see how Mantle performs against DirectX 11). What is surprising is that the source went on to say that DirectX 12 will support all of this across different GPU architectures allowing AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GPUs to work together to render the same game.

However, while this sounds great, it will still be up to developers to make use of, and utilize, Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU Capabilities for their games and software.


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