DirecTV is the largest satellite provider in the United States,  and it has been on the cutting edge of technology for years. I personally have been a DirecTV subscriber since 1998 and have not only been happy with the picture quality, but their extraordinary customer service as well.

So, last week when I received an email informing me that the company was raising my rates yet again, I must admit I let out a big sigh of despair. The increases will be going into effect Feb. 10, and according to DirecTV representatives most packages will be seeing about a four percent increase. If that’s not bad enough, the company is rubbing salt in the wound by increasing the cost of an additional receiver from $5 per month to $6.

“It’s never an easy decision to raise prices,” a since-removed message posted to the DirecTV website informed customers last week. “Unfortunately, the increasing costs we pay to carry the channels you see sometimes force us to adjust our prices.”

I would expect the reason that statement was taken off the website is that DirecTV has not added, nor maintained their channel lineup for quite some time. The only reason Versus is back in the channel lineup was because of the outrage brought forth by customers.

The new price structure is outlined below which I received in an email from the company.

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I feel as if I am being nickeled and dimed by DirecTV and feel that the loyalty that I have showed them over the last thirteen years is not being reciprocated.

What are your thoughts on television providers continually raising rates year after year?