After launching at the end of 2016, DirecTV Now has introduced its biggest overhaul yet, adding cloud DVR functionality and an all new interface. The update is rolling out first to iOS, tvOS, and web browsers.

The redesigned interface puts your most-watched channels and favorite programs first under the "Watch Now" now tab, making it easy to pick up right where you left off. Everything looks much cleaner and more modern, using bold artwork with easy-to-navigate menus.

The big addition is cloud DVR, which DirecTV Now says is still a beta feature. The feature is launching with twenty hours of free recording, with the option to record up to 100 hours for an additional $10 per month. The free option will give users 30 days to watch their recorded content, while the paid tier will give users 90 days.

The DVR function will also let users fast forward and rewind, which means you'll be able to skip commercials. DirecTV Now says more options and features will be added to the service's DVR in the future.

Other new features include expanded on demand content, as well as the ability to stream on three different devices at once. The latter feature will require an additional $5 per month, however. And, finally, DirecTV Now will let users watch local news while they're traveling. So, for example, if you watch Fox while at home in Los Angeles, you'll be able to watch the same channel while in Dallas.

These features are available beginning today on iOS, tvOS, and web browsers, with updates to Android, FireTV, and Roku coming soon.