AT&T’s new streaming TV service DirecTV Now might still be buggy and crash-prone but it’s attracting users at an impressive rate. The company said in a filing with the SEC this week that it noted “more than 200,000 video net adds, entirely driven by DirecTV Now.” That’s impressive for a service that only went live on November 30 and for figures that only include the quarter ended December 31.

I have a feeling a lot of those customers probably joined for one of two reasons. First, AT&T offered a compelling $35 incentive on a plan that provides more than 100 channels and now costs $60 (as of January 9.) Second, AT&T offered incentives to pay for several months up front, including an Apple TV. As I saw it, since I signed up for that plan, I was paying for 3 months of service for about $105 and getting a free Apple TV.

I doubt, however, that folks joined the service simply by word of mouth. As much as I enjoy what’s available, the service has been plagued with so many bugs that I often can’t tune in for more than 20 minutes at a time without the feed cutting out. You should check out our comparison chart between DirecTV Now, Sling TV and PS Vue to find out which option might fit your needs the most, since they all have differing features.

DirectTV should get better…

The good news is that AT&T is going to lose a bulk of these subscribers if it doesn’t start cleaning up the DirecTV Now problems, so my guess is that they’re very much a priority.