As promised, Digg rolled out its Google Reader replacement today, releasing an update for the site’s iOS app to include an RSS feed. There’s already a crowded field of services looking to take over when Google Reader shuts down on July 1, but Digg is definitely one of the top contenders.

Once I downloaded the updated Digg app it quickly asked me to log into my Google account before syncing with my RSS feed. From there you can jump between your own feed and Digg’s content aggregator, add more sites, and play around with the settings. The app also senses if you’re in a dark location and offers to switch the screen settings to cut down on brightness.

The Digg app hasn’t updated for everyone and some users have experienced issues with importing their Google Reader accounts, but the app itself feels like it will be a solid Google Reader feed replacement come July 1. Unfortunately for Android users, however, the update won’t arrive until next month, meaning you’ll need to another Google Reader replacement to use while you wait.