Who says you need a Galaxy Nexus to check out Ice Cream Sandwich? If you didn’t manage to get your hands on a Galaxy Nexus yesterday, or still aren’t sure if you’re interested in picking up an Android 4.0 handset in the first place, Verizon has put a Galaxy Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich simulator up on its site for you to test drive the handset from the comfort of your home.

Not entirely a replacement for the real thing, the simulator allows you to check out a collection of tutorials for the handset and the OS. Definitely worth checking out if you’re on the fence about picking the phone up, or even if you did snag one of the phones and want to get acquainted with the OS changes quickly.

We managed to get a Verizon-branded Galaxy Nexus in a TB HQ yesterday. You can check out Jon’s unboxing of the handset here.

Did any of you pick up a Galaxy Nexus yesterday? What do you think of the phone so far?