Diddy Kong Racing

NeoGAF, the Internet's self-appointed super spy headquarters, has turned up more secrets from our corporate gaming overlords. Nintendo applied for a trademark for a game called "DIDDY KONG" on June 10, and heads are spinning over what it could mean this close to E3.

One thought is that it is a long-overdue sequel to the popular Nintendo 64 kart racer, Diddy Kong Racing. It has been rumored to be in development for quite a while, and Diddy Kong has found new love in recent years thanks to Super Smash Bros. and Donkey Kong Country Returns. However, if this were the case, most of his comrades would have to be replaced by other new faces since Conker, Banjo, and the rest of the classic line-up are owned by Rare over at Microsoft.

Another possibility could be a new Donkey Kong Country Returns game. Nintendo is rumored to announce two new games this year at E3, and development team Retro Studios hinted at a possible announcement as well.

Maybe Diddy Kong will have a digging spin-off game? A SteamWorld Dig mining competitor? Makes no sense!

Regardless, it seems like we have an answer for one of our new Nintendo titles at E3 this year! Something involving Donkey Kong's little buddy. Only four more days until the show starts, and all of these rumors will come crashing down!

Game companies trademark things all the time, by the way. So, this could also be absolutely nothing. Hooray, E3!