Is it me, or are these announcements picking up speed? One week has passed since we learned of Little Mac joining the Nintendo rumble tumble of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and we already have a new contender.

Donkey Kong’s little buddy Diddy Kong joins the ranks of Nintendo’s finest, becoming the 23rd character to grace the roster. He brings with him his action star banana guns and barrel powered jetpack, and his arms stretch to a length that might make Dhalsim feel insecure.

The timing is also right for his announcement as Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze hits the Wii U this week. My guess is Nintendo will have an announcement for each character as their own games release between now and whenever Super Smash Bros. is finally launched.

I’m thinking we’ll hear an announcement regarding Yoshi next month once the Nintendo 3DS’ Yoshi’s New Island gets released. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t strictly adhere to this line of thinking for every character though, because there are no Wario, F-Zero or Earthbound games in the works.

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