If you didn’t catch the secret codes in yesterday’s Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

They’re pointed out most obviously in the above frame-by-frame trailer breakdown from the Batman Arkham Videos YouTube channel, but when watched in real-time they’re only on-screen for a second. Some Redditors who are probably way better at adventure games than I am, took those strings of characters and were able to decode them, leading to clues to input into a “Person of Interest” section on the Arkham Knight website.

For example, the code that appears alongside Harley Quinn is “qeL e2uLEE2 zul2e,” which decodes to “Her First Line,” which is “yeah right.” Punching this in brings you to a small character profile and animated image for this character. Check out the Reddit link above for a more detailed explanation of how the cipher works, but watch the next Arkham Knight trailer closely, as there are sure to be more of these.

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