When a Verizon YouTube video went live, eagle-eyed observers spotted something downright interesting — an unidentified Android tablet running Honeycomb.

Could it be? The webs are wondering if the device featured might be the next-generation Motorola Xoom. Take a look and tell us what you think. (Scroll down for the embedded video.)

This little cameo appearance has gotten some notice particularly because of the similarities of this unit to the first Moto tablet, though set in a different layout. That wouldn’t surprise us — the Xoom 1 took some heat for the weird rear placement of its sleep/lock button, right next to the speaker grill and camera. It would make sense that the design department might revisit that in the next iteration, no?

As a reminder, here’s the first-gen device.

The Wi-Fi-only Xoom’s lowered selling price (to $499) could also be an indication that leftover stock is being dumped to make way for a new model. That would just be like the holidays in June, no? What with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hitting Big Red too.

Then again, there’s no “M” (for Motorola) on the back — just a plain Verizon logo. So this could be a device from another manufacturer, or possibly even a generic dummy used for staging the vid.

Frankly, I’m skeptical because this would be a colossal marketing fail, the type that gets people fired. And even though this video was posted, and then set to private, it appears to be back up online now, so it wasn’t yanked off the webs. But I’m also torn because I’d love to see a new Xoom 2 with these changes. A thinner, presumably lighter version would be welcome changes to the model, which I personally enjoyed, but didn’t use all that often due to its bulk.

What do you make of this? Do you believe this is the next Xoom tablet or something else? And if you were planning on grabbing the Tab 10, would it change your plans if this did turn out to be Motorola’s latest?

[via IntoMobile, source Droid-Life]