Windows Mobile had been showing its age for quite some time as the iPhone and Android-based phones were starting to take over the market.  Most people had given up the ghost on the aging phone OS and had turned their eyes towards what the future would hold with the next release from Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 Series.  There was just one small hiccup … the HTC HD2 showed there was some life still to be found in the old girl yet.

htc_hd2350The HD2 slapped HTC’s Sense user interface over the top of the Windows Mobile OS and you got a whole new user experience.  You still had the Windows Mobile system you loved, but you just had a new way to interact with it.  Gone was the aging screens we were used to, and in its place was a 4.3-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen which gave you the look and feel of the hottest and newest phones on the market today.

People loved the new phone so much that they wondered if they would be able to upgrade it to Windows Phone 7 Series once it was released later this year, but the problem is that Microsoft is dictating that all handsets that run the next version of its mobile OS have the same three buttons, and the HD2 has five, so it does not meet the criteria despite it having all of the necessary power under the hood.

So with an upgrade out of the question, are people going to be happy with this device for the long haul?  There really seems to be no reason why they wouldn’t be.  They have the OS they love, it works, it’s been prettied up and made a bit easier to use.  Even though you still have to use a stylus from time to time which can make it a tad annoying as that feels so 2004, but it works, so why knock it?

It certainly won’t bring the program back from the dead, but it should keep those using it happy for a long time to come.  It also feels like an awfully nice way to say so long to an old friend.