Samsung's Galaxy S II has been an enormous global success for the Korean-based company, reigning as one of the top Android smartphones currently on the market. With that in mind, seeing its successor, the Galaxy S III, is practically a guarantee. In fact, we could see the device appear as early as next month's Mobile World Congress, which is set to kick off February 27. Or you could just watch Samsung's CES 2012 press conference for a glimpse at what the highly anticipated handset may look like.

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a peculiar looking device starting at the 7:10 mark in Samsung's video, giving us a potential early preview of the Galaxy S III. Not to be a buzz kill, but the device demonstrated in the video looks to be nothing more than a mock up. For one, the status bar at the top lacks information typical to Android devices, and the bezel is incredibly small. In addition, the device, even from the top-down perspective offered in the video, looks impossibly thin.

Still, even if what we're seeing is a mock up, that doesn't mean there is no such device in the pipeline. Whether or not it's the Galaxy S III remains to be seen. For now, don't get your hopes too high. Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, so hopefully we'll know once the event gets underway.

How would you design the Galaxy S III?

Minor update: Upon further examination, we're 99.9% certain the device is a mock up. Seeing as it's in camera mode, the status bar shouldn't be showing. Instead, there should be a settings bar that allows users to adjust things like flash, scene mode, etc. At least, that's how the Galaxy S II works. Again, a design like this could become a reality at some point, it just might not happen in the Galaxy S III.


Samsung Galaxy S III Mockup