Usually it’s Apple that calls out other companies for copying its design, but one phone-maker may have a chance to turn the tables on Cupertino. Chinese firm Digione is claiming that Apple cribbed its design for the iPhone 6, pointing to a patent filed all the way back in January 2014 and granted in July.

Digione contacted Apple directly back in September but apparently hasn’t received a response. So this week, the company took to Chinese social network Sina Weibo through its mobile brand 100+, publishing the same letter it had previously sent to Cupertino in private.

There are some clear similarities between the two devices, and it’s worth noting the iPhone 6 design hadn’t started to leak out when Digione first submitted its patent. Of course, it’s possible the firm had access to inside information, though it’s just as likely it took an educated guess at what the next iPhone might look like. Either way, this is far from the first time a Chinese company has sued Apple over alleged copycat design, but it may be the first time it comes with a legitimate claim.