iCloudIt’s well known that Apple is building a massive data center in North Carolina, but we still don’t know what exactly it’s for.  Some theories say it’s for a music service, while others think it may be part of a  new plan to launch a streaming video service, but everyone does seem to be able to agree that it has something to do with some form of new cloud storage service the company has yet to announce.

Further deepening the mystery, or possible shedding some light on it depending on your point of view, comes a report from GigaOm that Apple may have purchased the domain iCloud.com for $4.5 million dollars recently.  If you currently go there you will find the cloud-based computing solution that resides there has changed its name to “CloudMe“.  The company simply says that it has decided that this branding fits it better, and a lookup of iCloud.com’s whois information shows that it is still registered to Xcerion, the parent company of this service.

According to the source GigaOm spoke to, the complete transfer of the domain is happening, and the price tag was indeed the afore mentioned $4.5 million.  There is no word when Apple might announce this service, but the general consensus has been that we will hear something about it at this year’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) that happens at the beginning of June.

While there is still no hard evidence that this domain has sold, let alone that Apple was the buyer, it seems pretty much like a lock that this is exactly what’s happened.  Why else would a company change it’s name after three years from such an easy to remember domain name?  Obviously iCloud fits with the normal naming system of an Apple product, and with the data center well under construction, whatever all that hardware is going to power has to be named something.  The evidence may not fully be there yet, but we’re putting our money on the fact “iCloud” is definitely it.

What do you think?  Did Apple purchase the iCloud domain name?