Apple iPhone 6 Plus-10

There's been some speculation Apple may have secretly reinforced its iPhone 6 Plus in an effort to snuff out BendGate once and for all. But according to 9to5Mac's sources, that's just not true.

Earlier this week, iFixit noticed that a recently purchased iPhone 6 Plus model weighed in at 173.5 grams, more than an iPhone 6 Plus purchased on launch day, which came in at 172.7 grams. iFixit didn't come to any definitive conclusions itself, though the news quickly spread with folks claiming the added weight was due to Apple quietly reinforcing the device's body so it wouldn't be so susceptible to bending.

Turns out the variation in weight is a standard part of the production process; 9to5Mac's sources told the site the weight difference between the two units is to be expected, and isn't the result of some secret addition to make the iPhone 6 Plus more durable. Apple's site actually warns that size and weight may vary, which could very well be what we're seeing here. Is a device purchased today more durable than a device purchased on day one? Apparently not.

When the iPhone 6 Plus first launched, many reports pointed out that the device was easily bent when the right force was applied. Apple, however, said that the issue was "extremely rare" and very few complaints were filed by customers even though there was widespread panic among media.

So if you suspect your iPhone 6 Plus weighs just slightly more than your friend's, it's not because the device has been reinforced, but simply a result of the manufacturing process.