A long expected patch for Battlefield 4 is finally making the game as enjoyable as it always was supposed to be. With a simple download, you can finally sit back and properly play the game you paid $60 for at launch a year ago. Is it frustrating? You bet it is! Both EA and DICE have heard the complaints and been on a nationwide apology tour now that they need a squeaky clean image for the launch of Battlefield:Hardline in early 2015.

DICE LA producer David Sirland, speaking in an interview with Gamespot, wants you to feel satisfied knowing that he is "certain that [Battlefield 4's botched launch] won't be repeated because we've changed the way we work."

"I can absolutely say that we lost [player] trust in the game's launch and the early parts of the year. We still probably have a lot of players who won't trust us to deliver a stable launch or a stable game. I don't want to say anything because I want to do. I want them to look at what we're doing and what we are going to do and that would be my answer. I think we have to do things to get them to trust us, not say things to get them to trust us. Show by doing."

Is that why EA showed a bunch of behind the scenes stuff at E3? It wanted us to see its employees "doing things?"

A delay pushed Battlefield: Hardline out of the holiday season and into the early months of 2015, and it left a lot of fans on edge worried about the quality of the game, wondering if it was possibly not ready for the holiday launch again. Other EA members have stated that the game will work in interviews, and even EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the entire situation was "unacceptable."

However, he refused in the same interview to guarantee that all of EA's games will work properly when launched from here on out. Still having trouble wrapping my brain around that one.

Are you having trouble deciding who to trust nowadays in the video game world? We only need to wait until Battlefield: Hardline's launch to see if EA and DICE have come around to launching complete games or if they will add Visceral Games to this unnecessary pile of uneasiness. I hope for Visceral's sake that Battlefield: Hardline works so they can move on to Star Wars or Dead Space, and I hope for your sake that you wait a week or two for the verdict. Should you shell out money for Battlefield: Hardline in 2015, or wait for the 2016 patch?

You really have to wonder what kind of pre-order bonuses will come with this launch. It better be something really worthwhile if EA wants people to participate.