For several years now, Diamond Select has a hit on its hands with its Minimates and Vinimates. Both lines are expanding this year and new properties are entering the mix such as the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Hopefully, you still have room left on your shelves to display all of these new additions.

The world’s love affair with Batman seems never ending, and it doesn’t really seem to matter which version you’re talking about. Diamond Select has a wide assortment of different items coming out this year from Batman ’66 to a heavy emphasis on Batman: The Animated Series. Fox’s Gotham even gets some love in the form of new action figures. There is plenty of product to choose from, and they all look pretty phenomenal.

Of course, it isn’t just DC that receives a lot of love from Diamond Select, Marvel is also along for the ride. This year will see a wide variety of items including some awesome new figures from the various Netflix MCU shows. And what would any product line be without some attention given to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

Diamond Select has an awesome array of products hitting stores shelves in 2017, and you can check out some more of the various lines and products below from the Justice League animated series to Ghostbusters and The Muppets. It seems as though Diamond has found a way to produce something for just about everyone out there.

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