Hey, Blizzard! You’re getting your Diablo celebration all up in my Overwatch. Not that I mind, just thought you should know.

The developer announced on their official blog that they’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Diablo in some unique ways across their current games.

Here’s what Diablo goodness you can find in your current favorites. It comes straight from the official blog post.

Diablo III:

Recapture the feeling of your first play through of the original Diablo with The Darkening of Tristram tribute event. Venture through a reimagined version of the original cathedral in Diablo III and keep an eye out for some familiar items.

Heroes of the Storm:

The battle for the High Heavens continues, and a new Diablo-themed portrait is up for grabs! Can you emerge victorious on this hectic new brawl map?


In this Tavern Brawl, a hooded stranger awaits, holding a grim deck in his hands. Will you unravel the secrets surrounding this dark wanderer?


Bring the battle for Sanctuary into the fight for the future with in-game sprays representing your favorite Diablo III classes—along with a new player icon modeled after the Lord of Terror!

StarCraft II:

Put the Lord of Terror to work for you with a Diablo-themed worker portrait.

World of Warcraft:

Strange things are afoot in the world of Azeroth as denizens of Sanctuary cross over into an unfamiliar world.

I’ll be scooping up all those sweet, sweet sprays, thank you very much.

I’m totally cool with some celebratory cross-promotion

Do I think a few simple sprays in Overwatch are enough to celebrate what was easily once my favorite Blizzard franchise? No, not really. I sort of feel like Diablo is big enough to warrant a skin for, say, Reaper? That just makes too much sense, right?

Still, I’ll take a few extras as a special nod to one of gaming’s greatest. The 20th anniversary of Diablo hits on December 31, though these special items don’t have a specific release window. They’ll only be available for a limited time.