Blizzard has released a brand new trailer to showcase one of the most popular classes in its dungeon crawling epic franchise, the Barbarian. The clip above takes time to tell of the Barb and his/her place in the Diablo universe.

Between all the shouting, dual-wielding, fury use and whirlwind attacks, the clip above has me positively pumped for Diablo III. I'm not part of the beta, unfortunately, and I've elected to go radio-silence as far as reading opinions on the game in its early stages. Spoilers, even of the perception variety, are no fun when it comes to big releases.

On a personal note, it looks like the level of silliness in play with Diablo III might possibly be back on par with what it was for me and Diablo II. Leaping Barbarians are an awesomely hilarious build in Blizzard's dungeon crawling sequel. Seeing the Leap attack in the trailer above tells me that I'll be able to goof around just as hard in this third entry as my friends and I did so many years ago.

When Diablo III launches for Mac and PC on May 15th of this year, which class do you think you'll roll first? I typically go for ranged characters when playing with friends, but the Barbarian is always my choice for solo runs.

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