What is Diablo III? That's the question the fine folks at Blizzard set themselves up to answer in the video you see at the head of this post. PC gamers have been waiting for more than a decade to dive back into the world of Sanctuary and fight of the denizens of Hell once more.

The trailer above serves to initiate the uninitiated among us. For the folks that have never experienced Diablo, Blizzard has created four minutes of footage that addresses the basic principles of the game that's likely to claim the free time of millions in just a few short hours.

We personally can't wait to spam clip the ever-loving heck out of the minions that engage us within the depths of the first dungeon or two. That Skeleton King went down hard during the beta phase, but we can't wait to put him down for the first time when the full version launches late tonight.

Once I've fought enough minions and pumped enough time into this game, I'll be dedicating myself to bringing you folks a review. It won't happen too quickly, as Diablo games are too enormous to review in two days, so expect it in the coming weeks.

Prepare yourselves.

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