If you're looking to try your hand at Blizzard's upcoming sequel in the much adored Diablo universe, now's your chance to do so for absolutely nothing. Blizzard has announced that this weekend (starting 4/20 and ending 4/23) it will let gamers hop into the Diablo III beta for free.

The beta will open up today at 3pm EST and last until Monday at 1pm EST. Upon downloading the nearly 60MB beta client, you'll be able to download the beta installation files. Then the installer will run and get everything set up for you to play. You will not be able to play the game until 3pm EST (12pm PDT). Don't be surprised when you click "Play" and run into an error screen.

All five classes are open for play. However, you'll only be able to achieve level 13 during this beta. We assume the cow level cannot be accessed at that point.

Head to Blizzard's announcement page for a full FAQ and the link to the beta client download.

There's good news here if you're a Mac user. Blizzard is launching Diablo III on both the Mac and PC platforms on day one; they're also rolling this beta weekend out on both platforms. You can download a Mac version of the client and enjoy this open beta goodness.

So, Diablo fans, what are you doing this weekend?

[via Blizzard]