Diablo III director Jay Wilson announced today that, after seven years on the game, he is stepping down. Unlike so many announcements across the industry in the last year, though, Wilson isn't retiring, but rather moving on to something new within Blizzard.

In a post to the Blizzard forums, Wilson writes that his seven year stint on Diablo III was "one of the most challenging and rewarding" of his life, but that he's no longer engaged with it creatively. Wilson writes that he'll be transitioning from his current role over the next few weeks, but he doesn't say exactly what he'll be moving on to. As GamesIndustry notes, Blizzard is still working on its next MMO, Project Titan, making that the obvious destination for Wilson, for lack of any other known projects in development at the company.

Wilson also heads off any questions about his successor in the post, explaining that the search for his replacement is still ongoing, and that Blizzard is searching within the company as well as outside.

Finally, Wilson attempts to assuage any worries from fans about the continued support of Diablo III itself, as well as addressing his own history with the game. Wilson writes that he's proud of the game and will miss the community, but also acknowledges that he has "made many mistakes in managing that relationship," referring to the infamous Facebook post this last summer, bashing a former member of the Diablo team. To that effect, he adds that Blizzard "will stand by our games and make every effort to continually improve them over time." He adds that a new patch is in development, that the Public Test Realm is live, and that there are other things in store for Diablo III in the coming year.

[Image Credit: PCGamer]