Blizzard's groundbreaking click-click-click-click-click RPG series is making a return to consoles. Diablo III now has a solid launch window for an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release in September.

It's been nearly 15 years since Diablo was published on the PlayStation, where a save file took up a record seven slots of memory. Thankfully we've moved beyond memory cards by this point.

Pre-orders around the internet will land early buyers an Infernal Helm within the game, which grants characters a boost in experience points. Individual retailers are expected to be adding their own limited time pre-order options, so keep an eye out for the best possible deal.

Diablo III also brings back a long forgotten tradition as well for video games. These console ports bring back local multiplayer, where up to four players can sit on a couch and play a video game on the same screen. What is this? The 90s?

Have you been a console gamer for the last decade who's never given Diablo a chance? Any interest in giving it a spin and seeing what the fuss is about?