Soon, you’ll be able to turn the Galaxy S9 into a quasi-desktop computer. Samsung’s DeX Pad, which was announced alongside its flagship a few months ago, will be released in May. The accessory connects to your phone as well as a monitor to enable a custom user interface that’s similar to what you’ve always known on computers.

In 2017, Samsung launched the DeX. It was applauded for being an ambitious method of blurring the lines between phones and computers, but there wasn’t enough there to attract the masses. The DeX Pad makes some impressive changes to improve the overall experience.

Now you don’t need an external keyboard or mouse to use the DeX Pad unless that’s what you’re more comfortable with. When the Galaxy S9 is connected via USB-C, your phone’s user interface also changes. It becomes a touchpad and virtual keyboard.

There are also many more ports available this time. The DeX Pad features two USB-A 2.0 ports, an HDMI output port, and a USB-C charging port. You do get the wall charger, USB-C cable, and HDMI cable included as well. Samsung definitely gets bonus points for bundling minor accessories.

Since your phone will be in use, Samsung does have enhanced ventilation built-in. The DeX Pad features a fan that keeps air moving and thus the Galaxy S9 stays cool.

Pricing might seem steep, but you are getting a powerful accessory with numerous ports for expanded connectivity. Samsung and retailers will sell the DeX Pad for $99. Those who haven’t purchased the Galaxy S9 yet can also get one for free just by picking up the unlocked model directly through Samsung’s online store.

Samsung says it’ll begin shipping the DeX Pad during the week of May 13. If you’re interested, select retailers already have the DeX Pad up for pre-order.

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