Step aside Sony, Microsoft, and Ubisoft! The next big thing is here to take E3 2017 by storm. Indie publisher Devolver Digital has confirmed that it will be holding its own press conference this year to pitch its next big wave of indie titles.

The Twitter announcement did not contain a time or date, but it did state that the company will be there in full force.

Already has 17 games in the works

Every year, the AAA publishers come out and say "its all about the games," and then they bore us with celebrities and non-gaming related apps. I'd believe Devolver Digital if it were come out and make the exact same claim. It currently has 17 games in development under its watch at the moment, and with a press conference at E3, it is bound to make even more big announcements.

We'll wait for a time and date to decide how we'll cover the show, but this is an exciting time for indies. Slip in and steal some of that big E3 thunder!