The immigration ban has pushed a lot of gaming and tech companies to take stances with their employees and the world at large. One company, publisher Devolver Digital, has elected to help those affected by the ban when it comes to GDC.

GDC 2017 begins later this month. Devolver's officially offered to demo games at GDC for developers who've been forced to cancel their plans due to the immigration ban. The word went out both in a tweet and through a press release. Here's the tweet from Devolver:

Affected? Here's what you need to do

The press release included instructions on what do to if you're an affected developer who wants to take advantage of Devolver's offer.

Creators interested in submitting their build/demo should email [email protected] and include the following information:

• Studio Name / Developer Name

• Short description of the game

• Country of origin

• Link to video of the game if available

Best of luck with your game.