Devil’s Third, the widely panned Wii U action game from Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki, no longer functions online. Nintendo promised that the servers would be shut down on Dec. 28, and indeed, Nintendo has done just that.

Those looking to play the game will be greeted with a “Cannot connect to server” message.

The offline mode can still be played on the Wii U, and Nintendo has fittingly dropped the retail price of the game from $59.99 to just $29.99.

But, the offline mode was the only part people liked

The price drop hints that the multiplayer and single-player portions of the game are seen as equally valuable, but the truth is, many saw the online multiplayer as the game’s one saving grace. No, it’s not exceptionally good, but when you’re dealing with a game this maligned, beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m not sure if we’ll see Itagaki made a gamer ever again after the epic flop of Devil’s Third. It’s a shame because he’s responsible for Dead or Alive, which is a really good fighting series despite its reputation for being a boob physics simulator, and the first two games in the Ninja Gaiden reboot, the first being a masterpiece and its sequel being pretty solid.

Whatever happened with this guy? Budget problems? Not being surrounded by the right people? Did he forget his sunglasses one day and blinded himself?