DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition launched yesterday for those who want to go digging through Ninja Theory's spin on the demon universe. It's quite decent actually, despite the ten tons of controversy it drags wherever it goes. Not to worry if you are a Devil May Cry purist, though, because the second most recent game in the franchise is also getting a remastered version for modern consoles.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will be available this summer for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and that wonderful little bit of news comes to us through the DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition launch trailer!

Join new Dante and he blasts his way through evil corporations, corrupt banks, and their robotic hell minions, and once you get to the end of this trailer, Capcom has a little surprise for those fans who just want to cut demons to pieces without the topical references. Yes, you'll no longer have to party with black haired Dante! Instead, you'll get to romp around with… Nero.

At least classic Dante becomes playable at the halfway point.

I don't remember liking Devil May Cry 4 as much as the first or the third game. I do remember it suffering from an extreme case of "Raiden syndrome" as I like to call it, only we weren't lied to about Nero. Capcom made his presence pretty well known before the game launched. I also remember that once our heroes hit the halfway point, the levels repeated themselves as Dante works his way backwards to the very beginning.

If Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition gives the game the same excellent treatment it has given DmC, like the new turbo mode and other spiffy additions, then I will certainly throw it up on my summer playlist. I want to see where the most recent iteration of "pure" Devil May Cry stands up in this post-Bayonetta world.

Keep an eye out for news between now and the coming months. We'll be sure to deliver it to you.