Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus

The decision to ship the Samsung Galaxy Nexus without support for Google Wallet still seems a little bemusing to us, but just because it isn't officially supported on the device doesn't mean it's not available. Developers have been able to successfully port the application to the new handset without having to root the device, which means it's incredibly easy to install.

The application is installed onto the handset as an APK — all you need to do is allow your Galaxy Nexus to install apps that aren't obtained from the Android Market, and then it's just as simple as installing any Android application.

The port will give new users $10 on their pre-paid Google card when they register for the service, according to SlashGear, but it will not work for everyone. The only downside is that the app is region-locked and will only work for those within the U.S.

The absence of Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus has led to speculation that Verizon is developing a mobile payments service of its own. The carrier has denied the plans, but it continues to block Google Wallet on the new Ice Cream Sandwich handset. Electronista reports that this could be to protect its upcoming NFC-based payment system:

It's commonly suggested that Verizon wants to discourage competition with Isis, the NFC-based payment system it's co-developing with AT&T and T-Mobile that will go live in 2012. To date, Google Wallet only officially works on Sprint and the Nexus S 4G.

Have you installed Google Wallet on your Galaxy Nexus yet?

[via Electronista]