Distimo report feb 2012Amazon’s Appstore is generating more income for developers than Google’s own Android Market, according to app analytics firm Distimo. Amazon’s offering is growing at a much faster rate, too, due in large part to the continued success of the Kindle Fire.

The information collected by Distimo is from applications that are currently in both the Amazon Appstore and Android Market. Distimo only included apps that make more than $200 per day in sales revenue. In all, that gave the analytics firm 110 apps to gather data from, and it found that 42 apps in Amazon’s Appstore generated more sales dollars than the same apps sold from Google’s Android Market.

There are certain factors contributing to the findings: the Amazon Appstore contains 65 percent paid apps compared to the Android Market’s diminishing 32 percent. To that end, Amazon offers apps at an average price that is 40 percent lower that the price of apps in the Android Market, while still ensuring a minimum royalty amount for developers.

Apps are being downloaded more often because the Kindle Fire has been so well received among consumers. Since the Fire’s launch, Amazon’s top 100 apps were downloaded 14 times more in December of last year than in the previous two months. That figure will likely continue to increase as more consumers scoop the Fire up — or if another one hits the market. Although, there is some stiff competition from Apple on the horizon.

Amazon has been able to keep pace with Google in regards to new applications becoming available, even though its own app store has a far fewer 27,000 apps. Back in September, the Android Market added 22x more new apps than that of the Appstore. Last month, that number slimmed down to only 4.7x, which shows the rapid growth of which apps are being published to Amazon’s Appstore.

Amazon is making all the right moves with its effort into the application market, not just with consumers, but with developers as well. While the online retail giant offers more affordable prices, it also encourages buyers with daily free apps.

[via Mobile Burn]