When it takes six hours, 20 minutes and 36 seconds for a developer to complete his own game while speed running, you know we’re in for a lengthy title. That’s the case for Jonathan Blow and his team’s The Witness.

Blow fired off a tweet concerning his time speed running the game over the weekend.


Even more impressive is that Blow realized over the weekend that he skipped something in the game.


Sure, it’s not really impressive that a developer is speed running his own game. It’s impressive, however, that one of the people with the most intimate knowledge and understanding of The Witness takes so much time in a speed run.

Certainly Blow’s time will be cleared. It will probably be beaten by Blow himself before The Witness’ release, as he offers he’s going to do a speed run every few weeks. The records he sets between now and then will probably be shattered by gamers.

I’m just excited by the fact that we have a big, strange and beautiful puzzle game on our hands with The Witness. Hopefully it’s as fun and haunting as it seems.

The Witness does not have an exact release date yet. We do know that it’s “puzzle complete,” but there’s still tons of work to be done. It should drop in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, PC and iOS platforms.