In watchOS 2, Apple is getting a little more open by allowing users to customize their complications, those little bits of data you see right on your watch face. Unfortunately, the company still doesn’t allow developers to create custom watch faces, which means you’re stuck with what Apple gives you. If you’re Hamza Sood, however, the rules don’t really apply.

Sood, a popular iOS developer, posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday demonstrating a custom watch face running on the Apple Watch; he even shows off how to customize his unique creation, giving us an idea of what other developers could make if Apple would just give the “OK.” If developers were able to create their own watch faces, it would give users many more ways to customize their Apple Watch, which is thus far limited to the size and band of the device.

If you have the wherewithal to do this yourself, Sood put his source code up on GitHub, so have at it. Just a note of caution, anytime you do something that wasn’t otherwise intended, you run the risk of your device malfunctioning. You’ll need watchOS 2 if you do decide to play around with Sood’s source code.

As the Apple Watch continues to grow in stature, hopefully Apple will open the device up for more customization. Custom watch faces are a huge part of Android Wear, and it would be great to see a similar community sprout up in Apple’s walled garden.