If you're a BlackBerry PlayBook owner, you've got to be excited about the Android App Player that is making its way to your device in an future system update. It's arguably one of the most exciting features about RIM's debut tablet, which many believe has been a disappointment so far, and could be the lifeline that's needed to save the device from defeat.

RIM released a developer beta of BBX OS 2.0 last week, and thanks to one developer, we can see what Android applications on the BlackBerry Playbook are like in this hands-on video.

As you can see, the PlayBook user opens up a folder labeled " Android Apps" and runs a number of applications that include the popular instant messaging client IM+ Pro, Google's Gmail, IMDb, Amazon Kindle, Kik Messenger, Google Places, and more.

First impressions suggest that those applications that are supported by the PlayBook run incredibly well, and seem to offer a seamless experience that's just like running the apps under the Android OS for which they were built. Of course, the feature won't be completely perfect because of its long list of limitations, however, I'm impressed with what I've seen so far.

What do you think of Android apps on the PlayBook?

[via Boy Genius Report]