Detective Pikachu Dany Devito

The newly announced Nintendo 3DS game Detective Pikachu is home to a feature that has never really been associated with the character before: a fully speaking voice role! The question is out as to who should be granted the privilege to voice the yellow rat, and fans are unified in their cry towards Nintendo. They want Hollywood superstar…

Danny DeVito.

A petition started by Sairith Aramor at argues that DeVito is perfect for the role, and it requests that Nintendo seek out the actor's talents.

There are a number of us that feel as though Danny DeVito would be a prime fit for the voice acting role of the Detective Pikachu. We want to make this happen.

Yes, please! So far, the petition has acquired over 10,000 signatures of those who have heeded the war cry, and I fully endorse the petition's choice. Danny DeVito must play the grizzled Detective Pikachu at all costs, because now my imagination will reject any and all other actors!

Be sure to sign the petition yourself.