Destiny Red Bull mockup

Bungie and Activision have taken a lot of heat for the collaboration between Red Bull and Destiny they are promoting over the summer. Gamers don't enjoy seeing game content rented out and available only to a certain contingency of gamers, in this case energy drink consumers, but the plan has backfired spectacularly thanks to hackers who have cracked the code's algorithms.

Kotaku reports that NeoGAF has uncovered ways to generate genuine codes that will work without having to buy actual cans of Red Bull. This code will open up the exclusive "multi-stage mission" that came with the promotion and would eventually be in The Taken King expansion. An experience bonus is also available for those who enter the code.

Or should I say "was" available? Because of the scammers, the official website crashed under the weight of traffic, making it nearly impossible to load, let alone register codes. So many problems have arisen from this. The codes generated by this hack could be actual codes out there in the wild that will not work once a player suffers through his can of Red Bull and enters it. Alternatively, closing down the website leaves honest customers with no way of redeeming their honestly obtained DLC.

Regardless of how you feel about the shady promotion, I'm not so sure it deserved this brutal of a dismantling. Useless codes now roam the American beaches in Red Bull cars, and Bungie and Activision now have to either call it a day or come up with a new algorithm to print new codes.