Another day, another video going over some of the exclusive Destiny content PlayStation gamers can expect to find when they hop into Bungie's new universe this week.

This time around, the PlayStation Blog provides a look at the Dust Palace Strike, a piece of content that will (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your platform preference) only be available to the PlayStation crowd until the Fall of 2015.

The Dust Palace Strike goes down on Mars, and here's how the PlayStation Blog has it:

The buried Martian city of Freehold, long abandoned, is home to a decaying artificial intelligence of immeasurable value. This lost power has drawn the interest of the militaristic Cabal, and their brutal forces. That means the Guardians have some work to do in this white-knuckle, cooperative mission set within the Dust Palace.

So, yeah, it's just a single mission here. The exclusive stuff doesn't seem huge for Destiny, but it is the kind of gaming material that hardcore completionists will likely be upset to miss.

Destiny launches this week for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. What do you think of this exclusive content? Do you care? Do you hate it?

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