Destiny - 5

Bungie's first major game since its departure from Microsoft and the Halo franchise will be Destiny. The project was revealed this past weekend with a slew of concept art images, a few previews from gaming news outlets and a ViDoc from Bungie themselves.

Destiny was also put up for pre-order. That's right, you can pre-order games that you know next to nothing about.

That's besides the point here. A few retailers listed the retail date as December 31st, 2013; though, that's more an act of default listing than actual planning. Those illegitimate release dates fanned the flames of hype.

Now, Activision has officially cleared the air…somewhat.

The publisher has said that the game will not launch in 2013. They announced that it will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and "future consoles," but that won't be until 2014 at the earliest.

A PC version has not been announced, but Bungie COO Pete Persons indicated that the studio loves the PC platform and would love to see Destiny launch there as well.

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