When Destiny 2 finally drops, it looks like Bungie is set to take a different approach to the storytelling pieces of the game.

They’ll have an overall Narrative Director, of course. This person will make sure the story within Destiny‘s sequel is whole, has an actual arch and, you know, makes sense.

There’s a new job posting, though, as noticed by the folks at NeoGAF. This posting is for a Live Narrative Director, which is entirely different from the standard Narrative Director. Ah, the nuances of a massive development staff.

The Live Narrative Director will be in charge of, as the listing states, “the storytelling efforts for regular, small-scale Destiny releases throughout the calendar year.” It sounds like we’ll see small, strong, story-oriented moments that pop up at regular intervals instead of during expansions.

Destiny 2 could fix a lot of the narrative issues

Destiny had some exceptionally good narrative design in the ambient parts of the game. The art, the environments, the character models. All of that stuff told a really good potential story. The actual, moment-to-moment storytelling, though, fell flat with bumps in quality, apparently, coming during the expansions.

If Bungie gets the sequel right and features a constantly evolving narrative that actually regularly spins its tale through constant updates, that could be huge for diehards. I know I’d stick around if a good story kept being told.