Destiny already has a huge following thanks to Bungie’s previous work on Halo. Now that PlayStation owners can join in on the fun, Destiny could very well take over as the series which everyone identifies the studio with.

And why not? Halo is a popular franchise not just because it is a well constructed game for all levels of play, but it also has a culture and lore built around its mechanics, an area most other FPS series feel lacking. Characters, races, and actual thought out story. Destiny‘s latest bunch of screenshots is proving that Bungie has not let up on their flare for building a universe.

I don’t even need to listen to a narrative to paint a picture of what Bungie has in mind. Destiny‘s images are so powerful that they tell a story within themselves. A wandering hooded soldier who explores the desolate planets of the universe. Destroyed ruins of an ancient space-faring civilization. Oppressive brutes who control the business of the galaxy. Evil robots on the rise to bring havoc to the warring clans.

These are just a collective guess. I could be entirely wrong, but Destiny‘s imagery alone is enough to sell the game. I wonder how the game and story would play out without words. There is a certainly loneliness and isolation to the images which wants me to believe that communication is not important to the protagonists of this game.

Destiny is bound for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on Sept. 19.

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