All that gear? All those levels? All that time spent making your Guardian truly yours in Destiny? Say goodbye, gamers. Your progress will be toast once it’s time to jump to Destiny 2.

Bungie explained their decision to wipe away character progress and have everyone start from the same block in Destiny 2 in a recent interview with VG247. Speaking on Bungie’s behalf was Mark Noseworthy, Project Lead on Destiny 2.

“This allows us to really break some bones with the game design,” Noseworthy explained.

“It also creates this excellent conversion point for new people, and the people who are playing Destiny 1 the day before Destiny 2 comes out, they can all play together. We think it’s more important that everyone starts from a clean slate…

…We want everyone in the same spot. Going on that journey, becoming powerful again, getting knocked down and building yourself back up, it’s really compelling…

By making that brave decision it allows everyone to have that compelling journey.”

That “brave” decision line echoes of what Apple said about their choice to cut the headphone jack, which is sort of amazing, but I can dig it here.

I like the idea that everyone will be on common ground from the outset in Destiny 2. The game’s launching to a wider audience, and it might even be a bigger success. It makes sense to me that they’d want to hit reset before they get the ball rolling.

Destiny 2 launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8, 2017. The PC version has not received a firm release date yet.

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