I have not been keeping up with playing Destiny. That’s me being totally honest here. I played it at launch, stuck with it for a few months and then moved on to other things. I’ve heard the expansions have made it a better game, but I haven’t had the time to dive back in.

I’ve been following the game’s community, though. Today’s news should frustrate them quite a bit. After saying they’d only ever use microtransactions to sell cosmetic changes, Bungie and Activision are set to sell Level Packs and Subclass Boosters for a big price tag.

Here’s a shot from Redditor merkwerk as they snapped some stills from the store.

Destiny Level Packs

These level packs essentially let players buy a level 25 version of any class in the game, complete with subclass boosts. And, yes, they’re going for basically $45 a pop.

That removes a lot of grinding and makes players instantly more powerful, especially in the PvP space.

Bungie once said they wouldn’t offer “pay-for-power type” microtransactions. Here they are with IGN in October of 2013, bold emphasis my own.

“We’ve not announced anything on the microtransaction front but our goal is to absolutely make sure that when we deliver a game for $60 that’s a great experience no matter what type of player you are…So we’re not looking at any pay-for-power type stuff. That’s what I hear as a player when people say they’re worried about models and schemes that nickel and dime people; we’re not going to do that.”

Things change, of course. This is pay-to-win in my book, how about yours?