Destiny is getting microtransactions. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. The items are 100% cosmetic – emotes, for a start. Armor shaders are likely, too, though not specifically mentioned in Bungie’s post on the matter.

The emotes will come next Tuesday, October 13, via a seller named Tess Everis. Each player will get some of the microtransaction currency, called Silver, to start with.

Bungie says it wants to use the proceeds from these purchases to help pay for their team to create content over the next year. They intend to focus on free events and quests as well as feature requests rather than expansions like House of Wolves, The Dark Below, and The Taken King, so the way Destiny brings money into the developer’s pockets will change.

You can buy new dance moves for your guardian – known for saving the world and dropping mean moves – next week.