Destiny (3)

I told you Sony and Bungie were being really buddy buddy lately. It must be Destiny!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system, but its not far from the truth. Sony and Bungie have combined forces to launch the incoming hit with a brand new White model of the PlayStation 4, and they have conspired to give PlayStation 4 owners the chance to go hands-on first with the beta test. It's clear where Activision and Bungie sit on this important battlefront of the console wars, and Sony's wallet might have something to do with it.

Well, how about this one? Nobody is expecting the Xbox One to do that well in Japan now that hardware sales across the board have fallen to a five year low. Activision is among that crowd since Destiny isn't even going to be released. In Japan, Destiny is a PlayStation exclusive.

Makes sense since Destiny launches worldwide a full five days after the Xbox One trickles out in Japan. The install base for a successful MMO clearly won't be there at that time. Plus, Microsoft has sided with Titanfall to highlight the console's launch. No need for competing AAA shooters right out of the door on a console that is destined to not do so well.