Destiny The Speaker

Fine! It only took half a year of complaining, but Bungie has thrown its hands into the air and will finally grant you a reasonable way to trade away all those useless items and materials piling up in your inventory.

During a live Twitch stream, Bungie showed off a few new improvements that the expansion pack House of Wolves is going to be introducing. One such improvement is with your ebony-clad friend The Speaker located in the North Tower, and he will now allow players to make a trade with items, like a Radiant Shard for a Radian Energy, for the price of just 50 Glimmer.

Items that you carry in excess can be handed over for bundled items as well.

Previous options from the The Dark Below expansion cost ten times as much as well as additional resources, so consider this a way of finally incorporating a fair and free economy into Destiny.

This trading option in The Tower will be free with the update, but the new missions and content will cost $19.99. House of Wolves launches for $19.99 on May 19.