Destiny Rise of Iron

A misplaced poster revealing the title of Destiny’s next expansion has been photographed and rapidly spread across the Internet. The next chapter in Bungie’s sci-fi shooter will be called Rise of Iron, and Activision will formally announced the title at E3 2016.

Sources at Kotaku have confirmed the authenticity of this poster, and the expansion is said to have at least one new raid and will be larger than the previous packs. The sources did not dive into the story with Kotaku, but the website does point out that Iron Banner leader Lord Saladin is the hammer-brandishing figure covering the poster.

The sources did state that much of the content is based on the content cut from the House of Wolves DLC released last year.

More on Destiny: Rise of Iron when Activation formally announces it at E3 2016.

Destiny Rise of Iron (2)