It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone, and soon it won’t be unusual to see guardians doing the Carlton dance in Bungie’s Destiny.

Set to release on Tuesday are 18 new emotes, available as microtransactions. These include the Carlton dance, seen above, blowing a kiss, and feigning a throat slash. The emotes will be available via the Eververse Trading Company in Destiny’s Tower hub in exchange for Silver, the microtransaction currency for the game, which players will get a bit of for free to get things started.

As Destiny is an MMO of sorts, complete with its hub world and the occasional wait on a respawn, emotes are a pretty good way to give players a new option to keep themselves and each other entertained, and spending a dollar or two here and there for a laugh doesn’t seem so bad.

Reddit has compiled a gallery of a bunch of the emotes on Imgur.