A bug in Destiny may have accidentally revealed a bit of what we can expect from upcoming DLC.

A video uploaded by YouTube user Kinsey_92 shows a bug that has certain planets locked out as "expansion required," as if the user were in the beta. When he goes into the Earth map, a number of story missions, strikes, and raids are shown under the names The Dark Below and House of Wolves. A Reddit user has compiled a complete list.

Users have previously been able to glitch their way into some otherwise unavailable areas, and it's suspected that these may be part of that DLC. If the content is already on the disc, it's possible this may be part of a free content update. This is an Activision game, so there will absolutely be paid DLC, but until these packs release, we won't know whether they actually are included on the disc or not and whether Activision will be asking money for them. Now that the news is out, I'd speculate that they might be reexamining whether or not to charge for them.

I hope that, in addition to these packs, which would expand content on Earth and other planets already in the game, we might get to see places like Mercury or some of Jupiter's moon Europa or Saturn's moon Titan in the future. This glitched content, though, looks to be keeping us firmly within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.