Bungie has announced the features coming to Destiny in the 1.1.2 update. Fans can look forward to some new audio functions and a colorblind mode.

On the audio side of things, players will be able to control chat and game audio separately and mute the game’s music entirely to substitute their own.

More interesting, though, is the addition of a visual mode for colorblind gamers.

Bungie has three images that show off, in order, the default viewing mode, a simulation of what people with dueteranopic (red-green) colorblindness see when playing, and finally what the color scheme for that particular version of colorblindness looks like.

Alongside compensation for dueteranopic colorblindness, there are also modes for protanopic and tritanopic, ensuring that gamers should be able to make sense of what’s going on regardless of what colors they see. When you’re, for example, standing in front of a cave that endlessly spawns monsters, waiting for a particular item to drop, it can be frustrating when you can’t tell which of the glowing orbs is that item.

These options should give players a lot more freedom with regard to how they see and hear the game. Alongside the recently announced PlayStation 4 update that will add button re-mapping, gamers of different abilities are getting all sorts of new options to play games.