The promotional art for Destiny 2 has leaked. This comes from Italian gaming site Lega Network, and they have a clear shot of the poster in its full size.

As you can see, there’s some PlayStation branding on the poster. That implies Sony’s shelling out to treat this as a major system seller again, though it’s likely it’ll be on other platforms. (Bungie, come on, bring it to PC.)

Most notably, though, is the date scrawled across the top. It’s marked to release on September 8, and the lack of a year implies that it’s this one. It’s gotta be 2017, right? Why make a poster for 2016?

To troll the world, that’s why!

It’s entirely possible that this is a complete farce. Take it with a grain of salt for now. The original Destiny carried an early September release date, so seeing this one for September 8 falls in line with their preconceived model.

Or that’s what the trolls want us to think!

This is a rumor, treat it as such. Maybe mark your calendar with a pencil instead of a pen.